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Plugin:LG v1.0


This app allows seamless connection with LG mobile devices to use the program and services provided by Rsupport.Rsupport provides remote support service to enterprises based on powerful and secured mobile cloud, and with this App, users can enjoy the service with latest technology and security.This App has been directly tested and certified by LG to be safely installed and it serves the following purposes.•Mobizen ( Connect with Smartphone or Tablet from PC (supports USB, Wi-Fi, 3G/LTE)- Using Smartphone mirroring, use Android App on PC (Using Instagram with Mobizen video: Record mobile screen: record the screen or take screenshot without rooting or special setup.- Mobile contents streaming: access the music and video stored in the Smartphone without transferring them.- File transfer with Drag & Drop: easily send and receive files between PC and mobile by mouse’s drag & drop.- Smartwork support: make presentation of information on the Smartphone with mirroring, check text messages, email, SNS notification and missed calls using notification feature.​​• RemoteCall + mobile pack (​/products/remotecall/mobilepack)- Screen sharing: connect with technical support representative, share the mobile screen to analyze the problem and provide a quicker and more professional solution.- Remote control: launch programs and allow the representative to control the mobile device to directly analyze and solve the problem.- Every possible communication method in remote support: user can write or draw directly on the phone, 2-way text chat and talk while you are on the call.
Notes: This app cannot be executed on its own and it is executed only in the certified device and by the mobile product and service provided by Rsupport. This app will be automatically installed when using Rsupport’s mobile product and service.